[SOLVED] Can Not Delete Thumbnail In User Photo Plugin

Posted in WordPress on June 27st, 2008 | (4,551) Comments

Solution for problem on: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/166501?replies=3

Here is a solution if you can not delete the picture thumbnail generated by User Photo plugin for WordPress. User Photo is a plugin to let your blog member to upload their picture.

To solve the problem, cialis you just need to edit the plugin file (user-photo.php) around line 212.

$thumbpath = ABSPATH . "/wp-content/uploads/userphoto/" . basename($userdata->userphoto_image_file);

Change it to:

$thumbpath = ABSPATH . "/wp-content/uploads/userphoto/" . basename($userdata->userphoto_thumb_file);

Save the file and you can start delete your thumbnail. Make sure that your file permission is set correctly (777 or 775).

It seems that the developer forgot to change userphoto_image_file to userphoto_thumb_file.