Hosting at IIX Server: A Review

Posted in Web Development on June 18st, 2008 | (4,965) Comments

I have several websites and some of them are hosted in IIX (Indonesia Internet eXchange) server. IIX is a network connecting many ISPs in Indonesia to provide faster access for any website hosted in this network. Visitors from Indonesia do not need to route to international backbone to access  IIX hosted website.

I proved it my self that the website is fast to be accessed for visitors from Indonesia. But the problem occurred  when anyone outside Indonesia will access this website. It loaded slowly. Actually the website is targeted for local visitors, medical but when I want to use Google Webmaster Tools the problem push me to rethinking about hosting in IIX server.

The tools can not verify my website due to the server time out.  It happened to me  not just  once.  To verify the website usually I did the verification at late at night or early morning, clinic when (imho) the traffic from international backbone to IIX backbone is low.

Google Webmaster Tools Server Timeout

I think the slow response or timed out server effects on search engine indexing. Anyone?