Website dan SEO: Seperti Mobil dan Sopirnya

Posted in Search Engine Optimization on May 9st, 2009 | (3,481) Comments

Saat Anda ingin mengoptimalisasi situs web Anda di search engine, vcialis 40mg pastinya Anda juga sudah tahu ada faktor On Page dan Off Page. On page menitikberatkan pada keramahan web terhadap search engine, sedang off page berkaitan dengan hal-hal di luar web Anda, misalnya backlink.

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Javascript: Highlight All Text In Textfield On Focus

Posted in Web Development on April 3st, 2008 | (4,955) Comments

During my development for the company’s information system, look I found that automatically highlight all text in a textfield can help users to easily delete it’s content, rather than have to block the text or use “Ctrl+A”.

I use Javascript event onFocus() and select() function. Here is how to add it on the textfield properties:

<input name=”country” type=”text” id=”country” value=”Highlighted Text” onFocus=””>